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Setting up the profiles: Profile 1 (performance) Let’s start with the main profile, profile 1. This does not have overclocking tweaks for the M15 laptop. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. And to keep temperatures in ideal ranges, the rear and top vents of the Alienware Aurora work as exhaust by removing heat from the system. If you are running these kinds of temperatures, there is no need to change anything. Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU) is a Windows-based program that Intel promotes as a way to overclock and performance-tune your system. Dust is the enemy. There have been quite a few bug fixes as well as a few new features added, but I also wanted to improve the readability and organization of the old guide. Balanced will let it turbo up to 60w and Performance up to 75w. I noticed in the thermal controls that it only displays temperatures in degrees C. My old one let me change that to degrees F, but I can't find any way to set that in the new command center. hello, i just purchased the aw17r4 with the 1070 and i7 7700hq. Alienware M15 R3 runs hot while gaming. It pulls in all your games from any source, so you can manage profiles for each game from a single dashboard. Step three: Alienware command center! I was customizing a profile for battery life.. setting max processor state to … If you don’t, we recommend that you check out our guide to overclocking before proceeding.. For this guide, we will be using an Intel® Core™ i9-9900K desktop processor, and our recommendations and results will reflect that. Long story short: set it to Quiet and it will keep the processor from feeding itself additional power and make it use what Intel intended. Performance ramps up the fans and keeps them at full speed to allow for maximum performance all the time. A collection of Alienware FX Themes for many of the laptop models available. From what I understand, setting it to 0 basically makes all cores maintain their highest frequency, and 128 is the more balanced approach. The keyboard on the Alienware m17 is excellent. Step two: Repaste! if not, is there a guide or something that i can do to fix this issue before i experience it 1st hand or would it be better to just cancel the order and find a diff gaming laptop? On my R9, Performance profile makes fans go about 45%, not 100. Battery, Thermal And Display Testing Battery Test - Tomb Raider 2013 Battery Rundown. Performance on my setup speeds the fans up and keeps them there, balanced keeps the fan speed low but it adjusts as needed based on usage. Repaste. THERMAL CONTROL. You guys have helped me a lot through this, and while I had some major customer service issues with Dell, the laptop itself is wonderful! What Is The difference? Including Alienware 14, M14x, 17, 18 and more! Got in touch with Dell, they played around for a while, installed updated "Command Centre" All was fine for a few weeks. Quiet will keep the processor at it's stock 45w. Above: You can adjust thermal and overclocking controls with Alienware … Umm on mine Thermal profile controls fan speeds, you can use preset ex: balanced,performance or set your own. They are baked into the "Thermal" choice between Quiet, Balanced and Performance. Join a friendly and knowledgeable forum community for all PC gamers. Alienware User Support: Unofficial AW fan control-WARNING-This is UNOFFICIAL Fan Control which can damage your machine if not used properly ! However, the biggest change is the Fusion tab. This does not have overclocking tweaks for the M15 laptop. It's an intimidating thought if you've never done it before (I hadn't), but it definitely helps. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Thermal Controls give you access to your Alienware's management thermal system controls so you can monitor thermal status, adjust thermal control of system fans, and change the status of active venting. Beyond these come the true heavyweights – the HBAR (heavy barrel) and the even heavier bull barrel profiles. The Alienware Command Center is the main software attraction on the Area-51m. Balanced freely adjusts the fans to high or low depending on usage. T… When using the Virtual Reality (VR) headset, connect the HDMI cable to the graphics card installed on your Alienware Graphics Amplifier. 255 is the equivelant of disabling turbo. Be sure you know what you're doing ! And I alwasy keep my radiator clean. Alienware Graphics Amplifier enables you to connect an external graphics card to your computer. That paints a picture of the stock paste not making contact across the whole processor. Umm on mine Thermal profile controls fan speeds, you can use preset ex: balanced,performance or set your own. Quiet will keep the processor at it's stock 45w. 0 generates more heat but is good for processor-intensive tasks (I frequently use an Android emulator that needs all the CPU it can get), and drop it to 128 for gaming. USE ONLY AT YOUR OWN RISK ! cool throttles performance, performance maxes power limits and puts fans at either 0 or 100%, and i don’t really use quiet, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Things I recommend for all profiles are to check … Cooling fans ran at very noisy 100% when PC booted up. The Balanced power plan might use more aggressive settings when your computer is connected to an outlet–for example, running the fans at full-throttle to cool the CPU. The thermal design power (TDP), sometimes called thermal design point, is the maximum amount of heat generated by a computer chip or component (often a CPU, GPU or system on a chip) that the cooling system in a computer is designed to dissipate under any workload.. does anyone know if dell has addressed this and improved it? Quiet attempts to keep the fans low as much as possible to minimize noise. Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel® XTU) is aimed at intermediate-level users that have some basic knowledge about overclocking and how it works. Even a small lift in the back should be sufficient. M15 thermals under control! After a good repaste with decent paste, the cores all stay within about 10-15c of one another. Some throttling may occur. I … So I think my ordeal with support is finally coming to an end and I will be successfully keeping this laptop, so I thought I'd share how I got the heat under control. Home Forums > Notebook Manufacturers > Alienware > 2015+ Alienware 13 / 15 / 17 > Intel XTU - What are the differences between Thermal, Power Limit & Current Limit Throttling ? Step three: Alienware command center! On Throttlestop you can see temps for every core and, for me, certain cores were instantly spiking to 100c while others were fine. Join and gain access to exclusive in-game items, game keys, and some of the most sought after closed betas. My M15 runs at around 50-65°c on CPU and GPU in games now with good performance, no stuttering, and no thermal throttling. Before anything I have to clear something. The speed shift number on the main page I switch between 0 and 128 depending on what I'm doing. My Alienware Thermal Controls on default. While you might see a small gain in performance with these numbers, I've found the 45w cap to be perfectly adequate and all cores can still turbo up to 3.8ghz and keep it there. If you're on a flat surface, the little nubs on the bottom try to help with this, but I think about a half inch up is more than enough. Discussion in ' 2015+ Alienware 13 / 15 / 17 ' started by cloudpm , Jul 7, 2015 . Coming to thermal performance, if you play games with the quieter fan modes selected, you'll observe some thermal throttling. Balanced will let it turbo up to 60w and Performance up to 75w. A few settings are universal across all profiles, but most settings are profile-specific. The low-profile mechanical-like design feels great to type on. Alienware have a guide on YouTube for this, showing that a good quality aftermarket paste may help with temperatures. They are baked into the "Thermal" choice between Quiet, Balanced and Performance. They offer enough thermal mass to absorb a lot of shooting and remain rigid and accurate for a long time. So What Is correct? Welcome to the unofficial community for Alienware. And as Hash said, clean your rig! I initially wrote the first edition of this ThrottleStop guide for UltrabookReview here as part of a short undervolting/tweaking guideseveral years ago. For systems supporting Alienware Command Center version 5.0 and higher you will find the thermal controls under the Fusion tab. For performance-optimized airflow, you can observe and edit your system’s thermal profiles. The USB cables from the VR headset can be connected either to your computer or your Alienware Graphics Amplifier. Here's my tips. If you have a laptop, each plan uses different settings on battery than it does when plugged into an outlet, too. We will discuss using more than one profile later. Despite Alienware's Cryo-Tech v3.0 cooling system, the m15 R2 heats up pretty fast, reaching between 94 and 97 degrees at room temperature. On my m17 R1 the "Performance" profile shows: That seems to me that the fans aren't spinning at their highest speed and probably nowhere near fast enough. This is very, very important. it Usually runs In the 50s under load. Step four: Elevate the back of the laptop if possible. Alienware has refreshed the overclocking and thermal tools, simplifying them enough for newbies, but adding a level of depth that DIYers will appreciate. I hope this helps someone. thermal profiles do in the alienware command centre?? Home Forums > Notebook Manufacturers > Alienware > Alienware 18 and M18x > question about cooling setting in alienware fusion. Who Can We Trust? There's vents on the bottom, above the keyboard, and rear of the laptop that pull air in, and the fans shoot the heat out both sides. There's guides posted so I'll keep it brief on what I did, in FIVR tab I unlocked adjustable voltage and undervolted the CPU core and CPU cache by -.164 (stable), and Intel GPU by -.125. Performance on my setup speeds the fans up and keeps them there, balanced keeps the fan speed low but it adjusts as needed based on usage. My old Alienware desktop finally gave up the ghost after seven years so I just got a new Area 51 R4. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. These barrels are meaty, big cylinders of steel devoid of any lightening in their profiles. Can anyone please explain what do the the performance, balanced, quite etc. Step one: Throttlestop! This is the profile that your machine will be using by default (whenever you plug into AC, if checked that option). You can control the thermal and power profiles of the laptop from the Alienware Command Center app. I published a more comprehensive guidefor Notebookcheck back in 2017, but I felt it was time to update the guide for 2020. ive heard that theyve had heating issues because of poor thermalpaste applications.

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