fallout: new vegas repair armor command

Explore and enjoy the game! NCR Millitary Police Armor - 0012116a NCR Mantle Armor - 000ee693 NCR Face Wrap Armor - 000ee690 NCR Bandoleer Armor - 000ee691-----Caesar's Legion-----Legates Armor - 001649dd Legion Centurian Armor - 000ee481 Legion Vexillarius Armor - 000ee47f Fallout New Vegas Commands has the latest Fallout New Vegas commands, armor, companions, weapons, perks, traits, skill books, snow globes, skills, and factions. It is useful for developing and quality assurance, but can also be used to cheat. Fallout: New Vegas. So, this varies wildly by companion, but I'll try to run down all of them. This mod also adds the ability to break both Weapon and Armour Repair Kits down into their base components. Like many games built on the Gamebryo engine, PC versions of Fallout: New Vegas includes a command console that you can use to change various game aspects and functions, such as adding and removing items, changing object sizes and modifying or disabling NPC behavior, to give but a few examples. If you have identical or very similar weapons or armour to use in the repairs, you will see a list of items you can use for repairs. The console is a debugging tool in the PC version of Fallout: New Vegas. With all i've read so far, my conclusion is that the traders only get new inventory after you've gained a couple of levels. As with the merchants not refreshing. Armour Repair Kits do the same thing, but for your currently equipped armour; simple as that. To re-enable them, exit the game and start it again. In Fallout New Vegas, Weapon Repair Kits allow you to repair your currently equipped weapon by a certain percentage (based on your Repair skill). Open the weapons or armour page on your pip-boy and find the item you want to repair. i just started the ame and i tried to activate the counsel command menu. I just got the pc version of fallout new vegas today. Whether with repair kits, other weapons or armor, or by someone. Hackin’ the Mojave: Fallout: New Vegas Console Commands. Just wondering, as I havent managed to find anything on the FO:NV nexus site or here. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews ... As soon as the condition starts to lower its damage/DPS/DR, repair it. Make sure you do this before completing a quest … Something along the lines of Nightasys Skimpy set for Skyrim for the Type3 Dimonized body? it did not even come up... From: Snake man Posted on: 12-19-2011 Out of curiosity, are there any skimpy armor replacers for Fallout: NV? Ed-E. Quest: Ed-E My Love. Permissions and credits ... To Make an Outcast version of T-45d Power Armor you will need (a repair skill of 50 is required) : T-45d Power Armor x1 (base id: 00014e13) ... Or you can obtain the armors by using console command player.additem item_ID_code number_of_items ID codes : 00014e13 - T-45d Power Armor Now for Fallout New Vegas. Fallout New Vegas (PC) Console ID Codes for Items by Dave (eperb12 | Google Mail) _____ A C T I V A T I O N _____ Create a shortcut to the game executable (this … There are however many more secret items, special weapons, bonus points, rewards and much more available in Fallout New Vegas PC game. This is the summary table containing Fallout Las Vegas 100 most important cheats and console commands. Cant acsess counsel command menu. You'd say that when you click on repair in this recon armor situation, you would still get to repair the first armor with the second from the repair screen. WARNING: Using console commands in the Steam version of Fallout: New Vegas will prevent you from obtaining achievements for that session! Even early in the game you'll come across repair kits and people that can repair. Trigger: Recruit Ed-E, then speak to Johnson Nash in Primm, either in his shop (after installing a new Sheriff), or at the Vicki and Vance (when you first arrive in town).. Mouse over it and press r (Y on xbox 360).

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