is hempz lotion good for sensitive skin

My husband likes moisturizer with fragrance and my children have sensitive skin with eczema, this product is perfect for everyone. Lightly scented and makes your skin feel soft and moisturized. As for the formula: it isn't greasy, and it absorbs quickly while still moisturizing. Hempz Sensitive Skin Herbal Body Moisturizer – 17 fl. This is the best lotion ever! Either way, it is lightly scented, rich, moisturizing, feels good, smells good. Other commenters were close on the scent, but what it really is, is horchata. I had to stop using it because of it. Reviewed in the United States on July 3, 2020. Keeps my skin hydrated. Very good product. Hemp seed oil is a star ingredient in every one of our formulas because it’s packed with omega fatty acids and vitamin E, a skin-repairing antioxidant. oz. Also, a little goes a long way! Hempz Lotion Sensitive Skin Herbal Body Moisturizer Hempz Lotion Sensitive Skin Herbal Body Moisturizer. Good price for a good product that my wife likes... and she isn't all that easy to please for this stuff! It smells amazing and doesn't have any artificial fragrances. I love O'Keefs, but that stuff even stings. Even though it is technically "fragrance free" it does have a pleasant light smell. Originally, I got this as a body lotion because I love the original version so much and I assumed this one would be better for my sensitivity. I'm slightly sensitive to scents but none of Hempz lotions bother me. Wonderful scent & great lotion! Hempz Original Herbal Body Moisturizer is enriched with 100% Pure Organic Hemp Seed Oil and blended with natural extracts to provide dramatic skin hydration and nourishment to help improve the … I was cursed with that coarse, dark Italian hair that serves as a constant source of irritation, even after JUST shaving with a sharp, new razor. A few minutes after application #1, my arms were tingling and red. After a couple weeks, I find that I don't scratch as often. The oat in it is very soothing, and it reminds me of the feel of Goldbond's eczema relief which I also really like. This is a staple in my household. Average rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars, based on 16 reviews 16 ratings Current Price $14.49 $ 14 . Hempz Pomegranate Herbal Body Moisturizer lotion… The Hempz brand has been around for over 20 years and is known for producing quality products infused with their signature hemp seed oil. My tattoo Artist said she never heard of HempZ, but seeing as it's the only thing I got right now, I'm wondering if it'll work. A friend at work always has this on her desk and I used it one day and have been hooked since. I'm going to be honest. I took a Benadryl immediately and went to bed in defeat. It is not. Reviewed in the United States on October 3, 2020, I really wanted to like this lotion. I have extremely sensitive skin and this particular lotion is perfection. And the smell is so relaxing. . Super moisturizing and great for hands as it's not super greasy. Reviewed in the United States on June 17, 2020. Most importantly, it has helped my eczema so much. No oiliness and no irritation. This brand has great lotions for dry or mature skin, or those with eczema. Great for kitchen workers. The first one I purchased had a broken pump but Ulta exchanged it no problem! It was slightly nauseating. because I can't stand different scents being on my body for long periods of time. It kinda smells like the Oatifix face mask from LUSH, if you're familiar. It has like a weird sweet smell to it. Hempz Sensitive Skin Herbal Body Moisturizer is enriched with 100% Pure Natural Hemp Seed Oil and blended with Hempz signature Natural Calming Oatmeal Complex to help comfort, calm and … Terms & Conditions|Privacy Policy|Interest Based Ads. I usually try to get fragrance free in any body care item - lotion, body wash, deodorant, face wash, etc. I really love this lotion & this is a good price for it relative to other listing. It's light enough to be able to use during humid Houston summers. Only lotion I'm willing to buy for myself! A luxurious, hydrating body lotion infused with a refreshing soap and water scent. I got Hempz for sensitive skin at a different store but wanted to make sure people know how great it is. The formula on this is really good. Subtle, but like when you're making chocolate chip cookies, and you're creaming the butter and sugar together. I'm going to try another scent. I just wish it was actually completely unscented. This stuff is absolutely incredible. Well, it was adequate but didn't moisturize my body as much as the original. Hempz Lotion – Sensitive Skin Moisturizer This is the best option for those with sensitive skin, but still wanting those nourishing ingredients to moisturize their skin. It does make your skin feel SO SOFT. It applies smoothly, absorbs nicely and leaves my skin feeling smooth and not … It's combination but leans towards dry, red itchy and sensitive. All that nourishment helps to calm inflammation, balance moisture levels, and leave skin looking … It does have the lightest sweet scent, but it's in no way irritating. It's even helping to get rid of the red bumps I thought were going to be permanent on my arms. face is a completely different story. I can't - and will not - ever stop using BOTH. 1,000,000% recommend. I was upset! Kinda like oatmeal. I suffer from flares of irritated, red to the point it's purple, burning face rashes. I was hesitant on getting this because of reviews that said it had a scent, but I decided to try it anyway. It has a very distinct smell that is not at all pleasant. This is hands down my favorite lotion. Our exclusive body lotion has been enriched with 100% natural, pure Hemp Seed Oil, one of the best … Reviewed in the United States on December 15, 2018. 49 This lotion smells SO good, and I was really hoping that I’d found something that smelled good AND was gentle on my skin! I have very sensitive skin. I still love it. Reviewed in the United States on October 30, 2017, I bought this for my Godsister who has excezma(sp). This is an excellent body lotion for anyone with sensitive skin: whether you’re 3 months old, 3 years old or 30 … I use this after I shower with the same Sensitive Skin body wash. I use this every single night, after I shower, all over my body with the exception of my chest and arms which is where I use the lavender CBD lotion. I use this as my 1st … Whoever said it smells like donut batter, I can smell that too. I love this brand ever since I discovered it! I used this product religiously as I have extremely dry skin that has trouble holding in moisture. But this Hempz sensitive skin only soothes … I used to use this lotion a lot but got away from it due to the price. This soothing lotion is made with 100% natural pure hemp seed oil and infused with a blend of shea butter, cocoa seed butter, and mango seed butter. Love this stuff so much. I've only used it once since I just received my order, so I'll update if I have any changes or if my skin (or nose) decides it hates it. The only downside is it is kind of pricey, but a well worth splurge! It's never heavy or greasy and it moisturizes wonderfully. FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on any $35 purchase. I bought this for my Godsister who has excezma(sp). She likes it so much I will purchase it for her again, Reviewed in the United States on November 1, 2020, Love this product. Top 3 Best Lotion for Sensitive Skin Reviews 1. Product Title Hempz Sensitive Skin Herbal Body Moisturizer -17 oz. It smells like cinnamon rolls!!!! Bonus: it smells like a warm oatmeal cookie. Such a good happy smell! It prevented irritation but my skin felt dry almost immediately after. I do like most hempz products. I love the lotion but hate the packaging. Great lotion and was also safe enough to use on my face which has done wonders on, it smells sooo good too. So, now I use the original formula on my body and the sensitive on face. 100% pure hemp seed oil helps protect skin with omega fatty acids & lock in moisture MANGO FOR IT Vegan body lotion with mango seed butter helps soothe & even skin tone Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Love this. Hempz Age Defying Herbal Body Moisturizer. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. For especially sensitive skin types, this lotion from Avène wins a National Eczema Association seal of acceptance, as it’s suitable for eczema or atopic dermatitis-prone skin. Hempz Moisturizer For Sensitive Skin. Featured Products $ 29.99 Check Out Best Price $ 29.99 Check Out Best Price. Soothing, and mosterizing. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Check Out Best Price. Essentially, when CBD is added, the body lotion not only moisturizes the skin, but also helps alleviate inflammation and pain. Hempz sensitive skin smells and feels amazing. And it leaves my skin so very soft. I can't stop smelling it - every time I go in the bathroom, even if I don't need lotion, I smell it. Product arrived very quickly, Reviewed in the United States on January 5, 2019. It has a pleasant oatmeal cookie scent. This one just didn't do it so much for me. One night I was suffering so bad I just grabbed this lotion and put a small amount on my red skin and to my surprise, it immediately calmed it down to the point it was back to normal. What it is formulated to do: Delicately scented with a crisp, fresh, and clean scent, Pure Grace Perfumed Body Lotion leaves you feeling infinitely clean and refreshed. This non-greasy lotion is enhanced with 100% pure, natural hemp seed oil, and blended with Natural Calming Oatmeal … Helps comfort and calm dry skin. My husband loves the scent so much that I quit wearing it to bed because all I'd hear was deep breathing LOL Out of all of my lotions from hempz this is his favorite he can pin point it every time I wear it. SO Good. The lotion itself isn't fragranced, as in they don't add any additional perfume to it, but the ingredients themselves do have a natural smell. But this stuff feels so good on it. I tried once more on my arms AND legs later that day, post-shower. It also has a natural oat complex to … It's actually really nice! It smells a bit like sweet pipe tobacco. Reviewed in the United States on December 13, 2019. The smell is dreamy, the texture is amazing and my skin loves it. This lotion hydrates my skin perfectly so that it is soft to the touch but not sticky or oily. It helps so much especially in the winter. The lotion is very light scented, not greasy and quick to absorb. I can not use scented products but this one does not bother me. It soaks in so easily, isn't greasy, and your skin is so soft for hours and hours after you use it. The tingling eventually went away. / 500mL : Enriched with natural calming oatmeal complex and 100% pure natural hemp see oil. A day or two after shaving is the worst when the hair is growing out; my legs itch and burn CONSTANTLY & all I can do is slather on anti-itch cream. … Love this stuff so much. But this Hempz sensitive skin only soothes and stops the itchiness, and my wrists don't break out so much or do badly. I was so happy to find Hempz carried this formula. First of all, this smells better than any lotion I've ever used. It's supposed to be un-scented. A little thin, very moisturizing, non sticky, non greasy and absorbing. The latter Is intensely hydrating because it’s got the pure and natural version of … The scent is awesome - like a cinnamon roll, but not overpowering. No such luck here. Needless to say, hempz sensitive lotion is now my everyday facial moisturizer. It still has a light scent but doesn't bother me and has really helped my dry skin! This is a great lotion, especially for dry, sensitive skin. Pregnant in my first trimester I've been super sensitive to smells and my skin has dried out immensely. I've bought multiple products of theirs and love every single one! That being said, after one use I am convinced this will be a new expensive staple for me. It's not oily, but incredibly moisturizing and has such a perfect mild and sweet smell! Now, I've tried EVERYTHING on my face, including hydrocortisone and benedryl creams when it's flaring but nothing has ever calmed it so fast. Hempz Sensitive Skin is a great moisturizer that I have been using for about a year.

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