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All Rights Reserved |, Southern Shores Realty's Clean Initiative, 5 Ocean Boulevard Southern Shores, NC 27949. The staple of surf fishing in Outer Banks is red drums. I've spent my entire life learning how to catch Spanish Mackerel here in North Carolina! Predatory species such as… Cut bait, shrimp, or live minnows. Winters on the Outer Banks can be cold… and wet and windy. Fish of the Outer Banks Surf can be found here! They are found from the Outer Banks in North Carolina up to Maine. In my opinion, they are the ultimate species. Shrimp, mole crabs, blood worms, or squid. Who knows? The fishing on the Outer Banks has always been the stuff of legend. They love warm, clear water.). But—there is still good fishing to be had for the hardy and fish hungry. Let the experts at one of these Outer Banks fishing schools help you learn the ins and outs of Outer Banks surf fishing, sound fishing, kayak fishing, pier fishing or even fly fishing. Current conditions are ESE at 6-7 knots with the wind picking up to 16 knots around 11:00pm and lasting until late Wednesday before things improve for both Thursday and Friday. Probably. Barlowe was writing a promotional real estate pamphlet for Sir Walter Raleigh and he wasn’t about to let fact get in the way of a good fish story, but there was certainly an element of truth to what he was writing. ), (Often caught unintentionally and used as live bait for bluefish, mackerels, and striped bass. Wonderful grilled, baked or sautéed. The flesh is flaky and has a very slightly sweet flavor. Offshore. Most yellowfin are closer to 30-40 pounds. Season October through April, statewide by proclamation (except Cape Fear River). Float or bottom fish with natural bait.). It can be grilled, although other methods are easier. The sheer quantity of angling opportunities makes our waters some of the best in the world. * Striped Bass: Albemarle Sound Management Area: contact DMF for seasons, areas or other limits; Atlantic Ocean year-round: 2 per person per day at 28” TL minimum; Other coastal areas (excluding Inland Waters-regulations set by Wildlife Resources Commission), 2 per person per day at 18” TL minimum and unlawful to possess between 22” – 27” TL in Joint waters. Rockfish is a migratory fish that returns to Outer Banks waters from late fall into early spring. Most rockfish landed by anglers are between 5-10 pounds although much larger fish are frequently caught. We have fresh shrimp fresh mullet and bloodworms in stock. Fiddler crabs, barnacle, oysters, clams, crabs, or shrimp. The Outer Banks region of North Carolina is known for its outstanding saltwater fishing. Kristi and I went to the Outer Banks for some epic beach fishing, and we ended up tearing up the speckled trout in the surf. In fact, it’s best medium rare to medium. We’re not making any recommendations on bait or how to catch them. (Sea Mullet, Whiting, Virginia Mullet, Roundhead), (Use a two hook bottom rig with live bait. A remarkably versatile fish, treat it like a fine steak. The merging of the Gulf Stream and Labrador Current create an underwater gathering of all types of marine life. Fast, powerful and sleek, wahoo have been clocked swimming at speeds approaching 50 mile per hour. Simple tackle is required for successful surf fishing on the Outer Banks. Perhaps the most important of all Outer Banks surf fishing tips is this: When possible, try to do your fishing when the right tide and current coincide with low light conditions, meaning at dawn and dusk. As early as 1584, the  legend began when Arthur Barlowe, writing about his journey to Roanoke Island, reported one of the natives that greeted him fell to fishing and “…assoone as hee was two bow shoot into the water, hee fell to fishing, and in lesse then halfe an houre, he had laden his boate as deepe as it could swimme…” (As soon as he was two bow shots into the water he fell to fishing and in less than half an hour, he had laden his boat as deep as it could swim.). Rarely brought in by commercial fishermen, it’s not seen in local fish markets very often. Carolina Designs Realty & Vacation Rentals 1197 Duck Rd, Duck, NC, 27949 252-261-3934, The fishing on the Outer Banks has always been the stuff of legend. (Bottom rig with sinker or single hook with no sinker.). Head to the edge of a sound or oceanfront beach on the edge of an inlet for surf fishing at its arguable best. If you've been dreaming about snagging a nice fat fish, now is the time to do it. The Outer Banks, or OBX, is a two-hundred-mile-long string of islands on the US east coast, spitting off the North Carolina Coast and southeastern Virginia. Fishing from the beach with these rigs has delivered a wide variety of species leaving fisherman to ponder what could be next. Updated as of Nov. 27th, 2020 - Face coverings must be worn in indoor and outdoor public spaces where social distancing cannot be maintained. Surf fishing rigs like pompano rigs or knocker rigs has been on fire. ), (Swell Toad, Puffer, Blowfish, Blow Toad, Toadfish, Sea Squab), (Use a two hook bottom rig with live bait. Home avon, Big Drum, Cape Hatteras, Nags Head, Outer Banks, Surf Fishing Fishing in the fall season on the Outer Banks produces citation type catches of Speckled trout, Sea Mullet, Pompano, puppy drum and huge Big Drum. Rarely caught with artificial lures. From the IGFA web site – Located in South Nags Head, Outer Banks Fishing Pier has been a prime fishing spot for anglers for well over 50 years. (None) Southern Flounder There isn’t space to talk about every fish that swims in Outer Banks waters, so what we’ve done is select 10 species that show up fairly often in local fish markets or, depending on the season might be caught. A classic fish to fry, although it can also be broiled. ), (Use hook and line. Ocracoke Island is situated at the southern tip of the Outer Banks, and enjoys the least amount of commercial development. Keep the line tight, but don't pull hard because the hook could rip through the lip. ), (Speckled Trout, Southern Spotted, Weakfish, Speak), (A popular method is to suspend bait from a float. First a fall recap: It was stellar! NC's Outer Banks has always been home to some of the best surf fishing around, but getting the inside scoop with a good surf fishing report before you start casting can mean the difference between a good weekend and a great weekend with a cooler full of fish. Often prepared as a smoked fish. Be sure to check on NC Marine Fisheries regulations. If it’s over 30 pounds, release it—it’s almost certainly a female. They cruise the beaches and sounds, … Not that the fishing will be anywhere near slow. Looking for Outer Banks surf fishing tips? Surf fish with spoons or heavy lures. The Outer Banks recreational fishing fleet leads the nation in yellowfin landings. This is prime fishing time. Redfish dominate the shallows in the Outer Banks. For something different, cut a steak up into bite-sized pieces, bread it and fry it for mahi bites.. King mackerel—not to be confused with Spanish mackerel—is a fast moving predator that likes warmer waters, ie. ), (Most are caught around the inlet on the tide line.). Both the northern and southern kingfish are present in the waters off of the Outer Banks. ), (Gray Perch, Blue-Nosed Perch, Silver Perch, Sea Perch), (Use drift fishing with minnows and casting with jugs and spoons. This is prime fishing time. Bottom fish with natural bait such as sand fleas, cut bait, fiddler crabs, and shrimp. Buy your bait locally as it will likely be the fish that the fish on the outer banks feed on and that was recently purchased locally. In many cases, it can be more productive just working some shallow water near shore, especially if all you need are a few fish for the pan. ), (Channel Bass, Redfish, Puppy Drum, Spottail Bass). Proper storage is essential to preserving the taste. During the summer they will often come closer to shore following their prey as the waters warm. Because of its high oil content, if not iced immediately it will rapidly deteriorate. (None) Silver Perch---None (Sand Perch) (Often caught unintentionally and used as live bait for bluefish, mackerels, and striped bass.) Spanish Mackerel are one of the most aggressive and fun fish to catch from the surf. He parked our shiny black Ford Fairlane in a gravel parking lot off the beach and we hiked over the dunes to the surf, carrying rods, buckets, tackle box and various other fishing paraphernalia. Except when mating, it rarely swims with other wahoo, so commercial catch is usually by catch, meaning they were fishing for something else and snagged a wahoo. A classic fish for surfcasting, but it also frequents the sounds and estuaries of the Outer Banks. There are three types of flounder in local waters—summer flounder, Gulf and southern. Perhaps the most important of all Outer Banks surf fishing tips is this: When possible, try to do your fishing when the right tide and current coincide with low light conditions, meaning at dawn and dusk. Bucktail lures and jigs. They cover most of the coastline of North Carolina, separating Pamlico Sound, Albemarle Sound, and Currituck Sound from the Atlantic Ocean. Typically 30 to 40 pounds, it is more common to catch them from a pier. Outer Banks Tourist Traffic The Outer Banks area is a natural tourist destination. Surf Fishing Report: Winds have remained moderate for the last few days with a good variety of fish being caught from the surf. Carolina Designs Realty, Inc. of the Outer Banks is licensed to lease and sell houses in North Carolina. Outer Banks Rental Website Design by InterCoastal Net Designs. Fishing along the coast is offered in a variety of forms --surf and pier fishing, freshwater, fly and sound fishing, inshore and offshore charter fishing -- with the season lasting throughout the year. This is one of the mildest tasing fish there is. All the same fish, just different times in their life cycle. So for anyone looking to go after this species, this has been one of the best years that anglers down South and Morehead City area have had. Hyperbole? Shallow waters are chock full of inshore predators while warm ocean currents make for an unrivaled number of trophy fish. It will not work too well on the grill. Hard to imagine a fish as large as cobia swims close enough to shore that a well-timed cast from the surf will land one. They usually weigh between 0.75 and 1.5 pounds. the Gulf Stream. (Weakfish have a soft mouth. Surf fishing is one of the most popular ways to fish on the Outer Banks. A powerful fish that is often found around reefs and wrecks, amberjack is a prized gamefish. As early as 1584, the, The Stories of Shipwrecks | An Interview with Dr. Nathan Richards of the Coastal Studies Institute, New Artificial Reef South of Oregon Inlet, The George A Kohler—The Story of the Charred Remains of the Ship, Outer Banks Travel Impacts – Coronavirus (Covid-19), Outer Banks Equipment Rental: Bikes, Kayaks, Chairs, Umbrellas & More. Unlike most fish, a yellowfin steak does not have to be well done to be enjoyed. Typically two to three pound, they’re a great game fish, putting up considerable fight for their size. Fishing on the Outer Banks has been very good. Tailor blues are generally 1-3 pounds. With beautiful colors and high speed agility, they are the fastest fish in the surf. During spring and fall, the local surf comes alive with a variety of inshore species, which include red drum, striped bass and bluefish. Often caught under bridges and docks. Outer Banks Offshore Fishing Charters. Includes hybrid bass. Surf fishing opportunities along the Outer Banks are among the best in the world, with anglers fishing for striped bass, bluefish, red drum, black drum, croakers, spot, gray trout, kingfish (roundheads), pompano, and other species. A bottom dwelling fish, they burrow into the sand with only their eyes visible waiting for prey. Outer Banks Fishing Pier. Off-shore fishing means heading out to sea to the Gulf Stream, where giant species of fish like billfish, tuna and dolphin lurk. The season with which they can be caught will vary depending on the geographic location. (Surf fishing or spot fishing.) The sea mullet is also known as the kingfish or whiting. Some of the same species of fish that are caught offshore can be caught surf fishing. Catches of red drum sea mullet spot black drum and pompano on the surf. The fall staple of Outer Banks surf fishing species is red drum. Outer Banks surf fish species include speckled trout, croaker, bluefish, and sea mullet. None (Convict) (Difficult to hook because they take the bait fast.) (Blues, Snappers, Choppers, Taylor Blues), (Bluefish have razor sharp teeth; handle with care. The weather was beautiful and the water temperatures stayed warm. Mild yet fully flavored with a firm texture, wahoo is a wonderful grilling fish, although almost any preparation will delight diners. Mid-Atlantic Fishing Report February 12, 2019. ). As spring melts into summer in OBX, greater numbers of visitors begin pouring in and fishing charter businesses may book up, making it important to reserve early. My first experience surf fishing was with my father on Wrightsville Beach, NC in the 60's. The smallest are under one pound and are called snappers. Everybody knows that fall is the prime fishing season on the Outer Banks, right? Types of fish caught in this region include Bluefish, Flounder, Striped bass, mackerel, sea mullet, and marlin among others. You’ll get all the tips you need on bait, tackle, species habits, bag limits, wind and weather and safety. A wonderfully flavored whitefish, it’s almost impossible to ruin it. Surf fishing is legendary in the -ber months, especially on Hatteras and Ocracoke islands, but pier fishing, offshore fishing and inshore fishing should not be overlooked. Striped bass stocks seem to fluctuate quite a bit. Some success with jigs or spec rigs. Expect all the species you’d find in the surf, plus Cobia, Kingfish, False Albacore, Black Seabass, and much, much more. Surf Fishing The Outer Banks of North Carolina. A bit more strongly flavored than most other apex predator fish, it’s a great fish of broiling or baking…or smoking. OUTER BANKS, N.C. – Featuring some of the nation's best angling waters, the Outer Banks is a sport fisherman's paradise. ), (Cast or jigging with artificial bait. Live menhaden and cigar minnows, or dead ribbonfish seem to have the best result, but spoons and jigs also works. A voracious predator of the surf and sound, big blues can be 20 pounds or more. Oregon Inlet Fishing Center reports prove that it was a good summer to charter a boat, with inshore catches of cobia and mackerel and deeper water successes with dolphin, yellowfin tuna and marlin. Most rockfish landed by anglers are between 5-10 pounds although much larger fish are frequently caught. We had a great run of puppy drum, sea mullet, even pompano, up until mid-October. Bake, broil it, fry it, grill it… and enjoy. This event is a direct result of the fall mullet run appearing right on time. Also called dorado and dolphin fish (no, it is not the mammal), mahi mahi is a beautiful fish featuring iridescent blueish green and gold scales. (Often caught in the surf just behind the breakers. This is a very strongly flavored fish. A nice mild fish, great for frying, baking or broiling. Crab, mullet and spot are the favorites. The fall staple of Outer Banks surf fishing species is red drum. © 2020 Southern Shores Realty. What we can say is a new North Carolina record of bluefin tuna was just set when retired US Army General Scott Chambers from Townsend, Delaware pulled into Pirates Cove with an 877 pound fish on board the “A-Salt Weapon,” captained by Dennis Endee. Although the world record for yellowfin tuna is around 400 pounds that size doesn’t happen very often. Moratorium in Cape Fear River system. There is no substitute for the freshest bait. S triped bass are arguably the most popular species targeted by anglers surf fishing. Brr! Coming in at 600 feet, it’s the pier closest to Oregon Inlet and great for families and anglers alike. Rockfish (also called Striped Bass) Rockfish is a migratory fish that returns to Outer Banks waters from late fall into early spring. A fairly mild flavored fish with firm flesh, it works well sautéed, broiled or on the grill. Inlets – Inlets are notoriously productive fishing grounds as the deep and steady currents allow multiple species of fish ample opportunities to access varying fishing grounds in the ocean or sound. What to Fish When The Outer Banks in North Carolina is a sport fisherman’s paradise. They like warmer waters, so they typically are found in the Gulf Stream. By E. A. Edwards. Cut baits fished on the bottom, or casting or trolling artificial lures, such as metal spoons, bright-colored popping lures, jerk jigger style baits and lead-headed plastic grubs. The King fishing has been one of the best years on record they have had. Outer Banks Fishing by Area Picture of Paul with a 24in red drum he caught on the Duck surf. If you’re new to OBX, as this area is known, and/or an inexperienced beach angler, hiring a local surf … What fish did I catch? How big does it have to be to keep? (18" min, 27" max, 1/day) Sheepshead: Fiddler crabs, barnacle, oysters, clams, crabs, or shrimp. These fish, which are large, are mostly baited rather than baited. This is the big-time fishing the Outer Banks is known for. But back to the fall… here is what anglers can hope to land this autumn on the Outer Banks. Outer Banks Fishing. Mild, but certainly more favorable than flounder, it is one of the few white fish that will stand up to grilling. Hundreds of miles of coastline make surf fishing accessible for most visitors here and the ocean cartography here creates the ideal environment for surf casters to catch many species of fish. (Difficult to hook because they take the bait fast. © 2020 Southern Shores Realty. Use cut mullet, menhaden, shrimp, or blood worms. This is a great fish to catch either Outer Banks surf fishing or from an Outer Banks fishing pier. What bait works best? Cobia on the grill is a classic. There are many other species caught regularly by our Outer Banks charter boats like amberjack, atlantic bonito, various sharks like mako or dusky, triggerfish, tilefish, snappers, ribbonfish and many more. Is the fishing still the stuff of legend? The teeth are very sharp and their jaws strong, be careful after hooking one. Red Drum. If they’re a little too busy, head down to the Outer Banks Fishing Pier for more of an old-timey, slow lane vibe. The post Outer Banks Fishing Report 10/12/20 first appeared on Bob's Bait & Tackle. Come make a memory. Illustrations by Duane Raver from the book "Fishes of the Southeastern United States". Marinades and herbs enhance the flavor. Fish near a structure or rough bottom. Surf fishing can be just as productive as deep sea fishing. All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy | About Us | Site Map. (Catch off the end of a pier using a slow reeling technique.). Billfish, billfish, billfish! If it’s over 30 pounds, release it—it’s almost certainly a female. Just roll up, rent a rod, and reel in dinner! Use tiny hooks baited with shrimp or jellyfish. Locals and visitors who fish regularly know what they like to use and for the inexperienced, the best bet is to get some advice at one of the piers or from one of our local fishing stores. Juveniles are schooling fish; larger adults swim alone. The classic tuna of sashimi.

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